In March of 2016 with the program on RBG Radio called "Passos para Voar" and in 2017 "De Londres", we recorded more than 50 programmes with interviews, talks about London, living abroad, fears, success and other subjects.

1. Passos para Voar - Rádio RBG


RBG, is the radio of the Brazilians in London and in the world. RBG, from Rádio Brasil da Gente was launched on March 7, 2016. Since then, this has become a special date in the Brazilian media calendar abroad. It is a project that fills a gap. In a space where websites, blogs, newspapers, magazines, conventional and digital TVs already existed, an online radio was missing. Well, not anymore.

Click here  to access the 50 podcasts with amazing content in Portuguese.

2. De Londres - Rádio RBG (2017)

This was the second season of Steps to Fly Programme in RBG Radio. Previously called "Passos para Voar" and now "De Londres".

Click here  to access the 5 podcasts with amazing content in Portuguese.



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